facility rental

Facility Rules & Regulations

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1. The Harper Fowlkes Garden, with access to the House, is available for events for up to 120 people. Smaller events are allowed in the House. The noise ordinance requires the event to stop by 10 p.m.

2. A staff member will be available during the event. Their role is to assist you as much as possible but they cannot be part of your kitchen or vendor staff or serve as a wedding director/coordinator.

3. The configuration or layout of the event must be approved by the Executive Director in advance of the event. If a tent or other structure is erected on the premises the Renter is responsible for any liability is association with the structure.

4. All food and beverages must be consumed inside the fenced premises. Consumption is not allowed on the sidewalk or the streets.

5. Electrical, sound, entertainment and lighting requirements and equipment must be approved by Executive Director in advance of the event.

6. Affixing tape, posters, signs, flowers or other decoration to the garden, fence, windows, walls of the facility with tacks, nails, tape, glue, or any other substance is strictly prohibited. Consideration for any type of display/decoration will be given only if prior arrangements have been made with the Executive Director. All decorations must be approved by the Executive Director in advance of every event. In the event that damage is done as a result of any unauthorized decorating or defacement of structures and/or surfaces, the cost of cleaning, repairs and/or replacement will be billed to Renter.

7. The throwing of confetti, rice, birdseed, flower petals or bubble blowing is not permitted.

8. If the event is a wedding, the Renter may schedule a rehearsal walk-through prior to the event. Arrangements must be made with the Executive Director in advance to schedule a rehearsal.

9. Individuals renting the house and garden must outline and coordinate delivery and removal plans with the House representative at least one week prior to the event. Set up may begin the day of the event, providing the facility is not in use. The set up schedule must be approved by the Executive Director. All rented equipment must be removed from the premises on the day of the event or before 11 a.m. the following business day. The facilities must be left in the original condition. Buildings and grounds must be clean, all trash must be removed. Failure to comply will result in forfeiture of all or a portion of the security deposit.

10. Personal articles brought to the Harper Fowlkes House are the responsibility of the owner. The House is not responsible for damage to or loss of any articles during an event or for those personal articles left at the facility prior to or following any event. All items, including rentals, supplies, equipment, clothing, food or drinks, are not to be left at House unless the Renter has written authorization from the Executive Director prior to the event. Renter agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the House for any losses or damage that happens to items temporarily in the care and custody of the House.

11. The Harper Fowlkes House is not responsible for loss or damage to automobiles or their contents while parked on the street.

12. Parking arrangements (outside the use of parking meters) and security (if desired) is the responsibility of the Renter.

13. The house, grounds and gardens of the Harper Fowlkes House premises will be left in a clean, neat and orderly fashion, free of debris, trash, and decorations. For removal and disposal of substantial amounts of debris, prior arrangement is necessary and an additional fee may apply. The handling of reasonable amounts of trash may be available on-site.